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Korloff Paris: Unveiling the Mystery of a Legendary Diamond

We're excited to announce that we now carry Korloff Paris, a brand that flawlessly melds the worlds of luxury jewelry, fashion, and fragrance. It's a brand rich in heritage and mystique, whose origins trace back to a legendary 88-carat black diamond, the "Black Korloff."

From Lyon to the World: The Tale of Daniel Paillasseur

Daniel Paillasseur, the visionary creator of Korloff Paris, was born in Lyon in 1948. Long before the inception of Korloff Paris in 1978, Paillasseur's innovative creations had already earned him international recognition. Yet, it was the enthralling allure of the "Black Korloff," a diamond of legend that brought happiness, good luck, and prosperity to all who encountered it, that truly inspired him. This magnificent stone, which once belonged to the Russian noble family of Korloff Sapojnikoff, became the soul and symbol of the brand, embodied in the double "K" logo.

A Symphony of Luxury: The Korloff Paris Collection

What began as a small boutique has transformed into a global phenomenon, with over 50 Korloff Paris boutiques across 58 countries and availability in over 500 select retailers worldwide. The brand's offerings are as diverse as they are exquisite, ranging from luxurious jewelry and Swiss watches to haute couture, leather goods, optic frames, sunglasses, accessories, and, of course, fragrances.

A Fragrant Journey: Korloff Paris Perfumes

The Korloff Paris perfume line was inaugurated with the simply named "Korloff," a floral-fruity fragrance launched in 1996. A decade later, the brand unveiled a triumvirate of fragrances—Kn°I, Kn°II, and Kn°III—each a testament to Paillasseur's artistry in crafting "outstanding perfumes for outstanding women."

As Paillasseur himself noted, "Drawing on an imaginary bouquet, I have created three eau de toilette for the Korloff lady, in honour of the biggest black diamond in the world which, legend has it, brings happiness, luck and prosperity to he who holds it… weighing in at 88 carats for 88 ml of delight."

The fragrant saga continued in 2010 with another collection that featured three distinct fragrances: Korloff Lady, Korloff Man, and Korloff Noir.

We invite you to explore the world of Korloff Paris. Experience the magic and mystery of a brand inspired by a legendary diamond, and discover how each product, like its iconic namesake, promises to bring a touch of happiness, luck, and prosperity into your life. Step into our store and immerse yourself in the enchanting aura of Korloff Paris.

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