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Discover the Artistic Magic Behind M. Micallef's Highly Seductive Fragrances

Based in Grasse, the world capital of perfumes, Parfums M.Micallef was founded in 1996 by husband-and-wife duo Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman. This family business has since developed a signature concept of "Art and Perfume," establishing a highly acclaimed reputation in 75 countries through 900 luxury stores, including Micallef mono Brand Boutiques.

Martine Micallef, the artistic director, is an artist at heart and has breathed unique soul into the brand. Her creative audacity shaped by her life experiences, travels, and authenticity, has helped her brand touch its clientele with a singular language. Micallef's collection bottles are masterpieces that embody the brand's fineness and Martine's unique vision.

Geoffrey Nejman, on the other hand, started his career in international finance before delving into the world of perfume creation. Self-taught and gifted with an outstanding "nose," Geoffrey works with the Grasse-based perfumer Jean-Claude Astier to create voluptuous fragrances dedicated to emotion.

M.Micallef's olfactory universe is opulent, gourmand, sunny, floral, sensual, woody, spicy, and always elegant. The brand uses the finest raw materials, including exceptional flowers from the Pays de Grasse, to create its fragrances. The brand is a pioneer in the olfactory family of orientals and is always exploring new and original combinations.

The hand-decorated jewelry bottles made in Grasse are designed by Martine and display precious finishes, such as openwork metal, crystals, gold paint, and hand-painted details. These exceptional bottles have become highly acclaimed by beauty lovers over the years.

M.Micallef is committed to sustainable practices and adopts a short circuit approach, from the flower to the bottle. The brand is the exclusive partner of a Grasse horticultural estate located near its factory and workshop, where horticulturist Pierre Chiarla nurtures exceptional flowers such as the Centifolia Rose, Jasmine, and Tuberose, which are then included in the brand's fragrances.

In conclusion, M. Micallef is a French niche perfume brand with a passion for highly seductive creations. With Martine Micallef's artistic vision and Geoffrey Nejman's outstanding "nose," the brand has established a highly acclaimed reputation for its elegant, opulent, and original fragrances.

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