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Atelier Des Ors: Crafting Elegance, Pursuing Perfection

Welcome to a world of sublime fragrances and timeless elegance. Born from the dream of encapsulating the artistry of French Haute Parfumerie, Atelier Des Ors is a testament to the timeless allure of sophistication, creativity, and sensual scents.

More Than Fragrance, A Work of Art

Atelier Des Ors is the embodiment of perfection in craftsmanship, perfumery, and the age-old art of gold gilding. In their Atelier, they collaborate with scent artists, gold gilders, street artists, photographers, and master craftspeople to turn perfume into art. Their fragrances, enhanced by the intricate work of talented gold gilders, bring out the inspiring subtleties of their Limited Editions and bespoke creations.

Gold - The Essence of Eternity and Radiance

Integral to Atelier Des Ors is the symbol of eternity and perfection – gold. This precious metal breathes creativity and craftsmanship into their creations, offering a gilded caress to their rare essences. More than just a representation of sunlight, energy, and radiance, gold serves as their constant pursuit of perfection, imbuing their fragrances with its spiritual and symbolic dimensions.

Perfume and Gold - A Legacy of Ancient Dynasties

Atelier Des Ors unites the fascinating histories of perfume and gold in every creation. The Latin roots of perfume, 'per fumum,' means 'through smoke,' reflecting the ancient ritual of using burning incense to communicate with the divine. Similarly, gold has been a symbol of divinity across civilizations, embodying the pursuit of perfection and the absolute. It is this powerful symbolism that they seamlessly weave into their fragrances.

Commitment to Ethical Craftsmanship and Excellence

Believing in the philosophy of slow perfumery, Atelier Des Ors upholds a high level of creativity led by an appreciation of craftsmanship and material excellence. They ensure their fragrances are sourced from some of the world's best natural producers through their partnership with Firmenich and their NaturalsTogether program. Furthermore, they use ethical practices in the development of their perfumes. The 24k gold stardust they use is ethically sourced from Aurum, an organization committed to eradicating the use of mercury in gold production.

They invite you to embark on a journey with Atelier Des Ors, to explore a world where French savoir-faire meets timeless elegance, and to experience the unique joy of their fragrances, each crafted as a testament to the enduring pursuit of perfection.

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